Live Your Faith On Campus


The Chaplains’ Cooperative Ministry (CCM) at NC State is an interfaith organization which both supports individual programs of faith and plans jointly sponsored campus ministries for students, faculty, and staff. Its members, both ordained and non-ordained, strive to be leaders within the University as inquiry, dialogue, development, and truth are pursued with trust at all levels. Each member group, while not denying its own beliefs, is willing to cooperate with and support the other members as they develop their own communities. Its members pledge to respect the established religious convictions of all individuals and to avoid language and behavior whose real or perceived purpose is to pressure or deter persons who are already committed to living out their chosen faith heritage.

A unique aspect of CCM is its function within the NC State University community, as inquiry, dialogue, development, and truth are characteristic of both.  Each member group, while not denying the truths of its own tradition, willingly cooperates and supports the other members in the development of their own communities.

CCM is an interfaith organization of representatives from various religious traditions.  Members, both ordained and non-ordained, are engaged (by job description and designation by their respective judicatories) in campus ministry at NC State.  They contribute financially to administration and joint programs, and meet regularly to consider how ministry may be accomplished for and with students, faculty, and staff.

While CCM in no way attempts to interfere with individual denominational programs, it stresses a commitment from its members to minister with a spirit of cooperation as relationships develop and joint events may be sponsored.

The Chaplains’ Cooperative Ministry office is located in Harrelson Hall, room #362.  The mailing address is Box 7295, NC State, Raleigh, NC, 27695.  Telephone 919-515-2414

CCM Director

  • Ann Pearce
    #362 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295
    NC State, Raleigh, NC 27695
    919.515.2414  |   919.696.1691

University Liaison